Direct Access

It is now possible, depending on the case, to instruct a barrister directly without the need first to instruct a solicitor. This is widely known as Public Access Barrister or Direct Access Barrister services.

This has a number of advantages to the client.

The client will meet his barrister at an early stage and work together with him to take the important decisions relating to strategy and tactics that may influence how a case will finally be determined. Secondly, the client will receive advice directly from the barrister on matters such as:

  • the meaning of legislation and how to comply with it
  • how to identify whether a provision has been breached
  • assessing the evidence of a potential breach
  • advising whether to contest a case or to seek a settlement or compromise.

The client has the added benefit of knowing from the outset who his barrister will be and that the barrister will conduct all correspondence, engage in negotiations and prepare appropriate documents. This early involvement of counsel can bring enormous benefits to the client, both as to the strategy deployed when reacting to any investigation or prosecution and to the final result.

Furthermore, because there is only one barrister involved instead of a solicitor and a barrister there is a consequent and significant cost saving for the client.

I am able to offer this service to both individuals and corporates.

If the case develops in such a manner that the instruction of a solicitor becomes necessary then I will advise you and together with my clerks you can identify and instruct an appropriately expert law firm.

For further information about direct access barristers and direct instructions please contact my clerks John Grimmer or Paul Rodgers.

They will be able to discuss the facts of your case with you and discuss a fee structure and timetable.